About Us

We are a family owned company based in Northern California.

Our passion for comics and toys first began as kids. My brother Jaime and I used to wake up early every weekend turn on the tv and watch the Saturday morning cartoon line up on all the major networks. From X-men to Batman the animated series to Teenage mutant ninja turtles, we watched them all.

Watching those cartoons made us want to own every toy possible related to Spiderman, Spawn, TMNT, Power Rangers ect..Our devotion for toys had no limit we wanted them all.

Growing up as teenagers we discovered other types of animation like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Naruto. So we started attending every major Comic Convention in our area in search of collectibles and comics. Our collection grew so large we had no room to add anymore figures and comics but we still wanted the latest cool new releases hitting the market.

We decided to keep on attending Comic cons only now as vendors selling all our overstock to folks who were enthusiastic about collecting too. We booked our first booth in the summer of 2016 at a small convention being promoted and organized by a friend of ours in the town of Turlock.

After that first small convention we started expanding to most of the major Anime and Comic cons in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento area. We quickly ran out of inventory and made a decision to turn our passion for collecting into a passion for selling.
After years of renting booths and building a strong bond with many of the local communities and fellow collectors it all came to an abrupt halt with all major events being postponed and cancelled due to the unexpected health crisis and shelter in place order we are currently dealing with.

We found ourselves holding onto inventory and no buyers. Our next best option was the online market place like Ebay and Mercari. E-commerce was initially a slow start for us as it takes time to build a good reputation and trust but people quickly started noticing our good reviews and started purchasing with confidence.
Soon people starting asking us via social media and e-commerce if we had a website where they can subscribe and make purchases and that prompt us to building our webpage rivalcomix.com.

As fellow collectors we understand the importance of reliable packaging and delivery. Thank you for your continued support and being part of our journey, we look forward to continuing being your trustworthy source for all comic and collectible merchandise.