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Pre-Order Policy

The more popular an item, the more difficult it may be to obtain. Placing a Pre-order helps you avoid missing out on your next favorite collectible. One of the most important factors is the order in which pre-orders are placed.

We place priority on a first come first serve basis, meaning if you were the first person to place an order you will be the first to have it packaged and shipped as soon as we receive the item(s) In Stock from the manufacturer. You will then receive an email notifying you that your order is now In Stock and ready to ship soon as the remaining balance is paid off.


  • All products have an estimated arrival date by the Pre-Order button
  • All Pre-Orders will be charged a 15% partial payment at the time of purchase. The remaining balance won’t be due until items have arrived In Stock, We will then notify you via email to pay off the remaining balance by adding the Pre Ordered item(s) back in your cart and proceed to check out using any form of payment so that we can mail out your order right away.
  • Your Pre Ordered item(s) will be reserved for the next 48 hours after initial email notification is sent, alerting you that your order is ready to be shipped and awaiting remaining balance pay off. 
  • If both the pre-order and in-stock items are placed in the same cart and at the same time, The full amount of shipping and processing will be charged when the first item on an order ships out. For example, if you order one item that is in stock and two that are not, we’ll send you the item that is in stock now and charge you for the shipping of all three. The other two items will ship as soon as they’re available, with no additional shipping charges.
  • If you would like to differ shipping charges on all Pre Orders, please make sure to place them on a separate cart from in stock items at check out, and you will avoid shipping charges until Pre Order items arrive in stock.

We work hard to guarantee every pre-order we receive. Unfortunately manufacturers may experience delays such as supply shortage or damage issues. In the event that we can’t fulfill your order, you will receive an immediate notice explaining why your Pre-Order got cancelled and an option for full refund without any fees.

If you choose to voluntary cancel your pre-order(s), please make sure to put in a request within a 24 hour grace period to avoid a 15% cancelation fee. The fee will be subtracted from your refund using the same form of payment when pre-order was initially placed.

All orders include tracking sent to you via email and also available when you log into My Account page.