Doctor Doom One:12 Collective


  • From Mezco Toyz
  • 1/12 scale
  • 2 head sculpts
  • 3 interchangeable masks
  • 17 interchangeable hands
  • Removable posing wire cape
  • 2 removable belts
  • Cosmic Power Siphon Harness
  • Weapons accessories
  • Effects accessories

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Doctor Doom wears a hooded tunic and a suit of armor made with real metal components. His removable cape features a clasp, real metal chain, and integrated posing wire. He comes with 2 interchangeable unmasked heads and 3 interchangeable faceplates allowing for a variety of distinct looks.

Doctor Doom wields the Cosmic Power Siphon Harness which features a light-up function. The harness connects securely to his armored suit and allows him to drain cosmic energy from beings with great power. The master of science and sorcery comes complete with his signature electro-shock weapon which fits neatly in the holster on his belt, a hinged spell book with printed pages, interchangeable rocket thrusters that attach to the back of his armored suit, and much more.

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