Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Chozo Kado Diavolo


  • From Medicos
  • Measures 6.3 inches tall
  • Includes 2 face plates
  • Alternate hands
  • Bleeding had part
  • Mysterious Arrow
  • Sweater part

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Chozo Kado Diavolo Action Figure. Mob boss from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind, returns to the Super Action Statue action figure line! This line boasts excellent articulation with color design overseen by Araki himself! Diavolo includes an assortment of alternate hand parts, alternate head, his removable shirt, the mysterious arrow, and a bleeding hand part! Diavolo stands about 6″ tall and comes with a multi-jointed display stand, so you can recreate all the must-have poses from JoJo. (King Crimson not included)

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