Savage Avengers #3 Andolfo Predator Variant


  • Written By David Pepose
  • Cover Art By Mirka Andolfo
  • Interior Art By Carlos Magno

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Savage Avengers #3 Journey to the temple of the beast! Banding together the deadliest warriors of the Marvel Universe, Conan and the Savage Avengers have never been accustomed to playing defense. But after being hunted across the Hyborian Age by DEATHLOK THE DESTROYER, only one thing’s for certain – our heroes aren’t running anymore. Armed with a death-defying plan in the heart of a forbidden temple, can even the Savage Avengers fight against the future? Or will an ancient evil crush their victory before they’ve even begun? Everything changes in this sword-and-sorcery showdown between Cyborg and Cimmerian!

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