TMNT Ultimates Krang Wave 5


  • From Super 7
  • Measures 7 inches tall
  • includes 2 Krang figures
  • Accessories included

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TMNT Ultimates Krang from Super7. Straight out of Dimension X, it’s evil warlord Krang! While he may look relatively harmless in his bubble walker, his plans include nothing less than world conquest! This made-to-order 7″ fully articulated Krang ULTIMATES! Figure comes with two interchangeable “heads” that can sit in his mobile life-support system, along with a variety of accessories, including alternate tentacles, mechanized arms, multiple fists, a pet turtle, and his Brain-Drain Gun. Adding the Bodiless Burbling Brain to your TMNT ULTIMATES! collection is a no-brainer!

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