Venom Lethal Protector #3 Hotz Variant


  • Written By David Michelinie
  • Cover Art Kyle Hotz
  • Interior Art By Ivan Fiorelli

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David Michelinie And Ivan Fiorelli’s Tour De Force Through Yesteryear Continues! In Venom Lethal Protector #3 Hotz Variant Brains Are Back On The Menu, As Venom Returns To His Violent And Spectacular Roots In This Bone-Chilling And Bone-Crunching Issue. But Make No Mistake, True Believers! This Ain’t Your Parents’ Venom, And David Michelinie’s Return To The Symbiote He Co-Created Is About To Show Why Venom Is One Of The Biggest And Baddest Characters In The History Of The Marvel U – And He Just Might Give The Wicked Web-Slinger A New Look And Powers While He’s At It!

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