X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1


  • Comic Script by: Erica Schultz
  • Illustrated by: Edgar Salazar
  • Cover Design or Artwork by: Kalman Andrasofszky

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X-23 Deadly Regenesis #1, THE DEADLY DAYS OF X-23! LAURA KINNEY, A.K.A. X-23, was cloned from LOGAN and trained by the Facility to be a deadly assassin. Even as she tries to put that life behind her, forces will try to drag her back – and she’ll fight them tooth and claw! Beset by NEW ENEMIES – as well as OLD FAVORITES! – and set during X-23’s days as a member of X-MEN and X-FORCE, when she walked away from the island of UTOPIA to find where she truly belongs, join us for an ALL-NEW story in the fan-favorite saga of Laura Kinney!

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