SilverHawks Ultimates Armored Mon*Star


  • From Super 7
  • Measures 11 inches tall
  • 2 Interchangeable Head
  • 10 Interchangeable Hands
  • 1 Laser Eye Effect
  • 1 Laser Star
  • 2 Elbow Boosters
  • 2 Elbow Lasers
  • 1 Blaster Rifle
  • 1 Sky Shadow

Sold Out


SilverHawks Ultimates Armored Mon*Star. “Moon Star of Limbo, give me the Might, the Muscle, the Menace of MON*STAR!” The Mob boss Mon*Star is intimidating enough in his natural state, but transformed into the mighty Armored Mon*Star, he’s truly MONstrous! Measuring in at almost 11” to the top of his spikes, the fully articulated Armored Mon*Star ULTIMATES! figure comes with interchangeable heads and hands and a variety of accessories, including his Blaster Rifle and Sky Shadow!

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