The Crow One:12 Collective


  • From Mezco Toyz
  • Includes 4 head sculpts
  • Hand painted authentic detail
  • 10 interchangeable hands
  • Leather like clothing
  • Crow-shaped flame display
  • Guitar with leather-like strap
  • Weapons accessories
  • Gabriel cat
  • Tombstone
  • Pierrot mask
  • Crows

Sold Out


The Crow One:12 Collective Action Figure. Features four head portraits with various expressions including surprised, teeth-gritting, smirking, and standard sculpts. The supernatural avenger is outfitted in a black shirt, leather-like pants, leather-like overcoat, and wears his fiancée’s engagement ring around his neck in her memory. The Crow is brimming with film-accurate accessories including a crow-shaped flame display, a guitar with a leather-like strap, a tombstone with a crow that can sit atop, a flying crow that attaches to his display base, various weapons, and much more.

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