Rumble Society Captain Nemo & Nautilus One:12 Collective Action Figure


  • From Mezco Toyz
  • Exclusive
  • 2 head sculpts
  • 8 interchangeable hands
  • Nautilus replica
  • shark jaw trophy
  • cloak
  • Cap
  • Data Journal
  • Weapons accessories

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The One:12 Collective Captain Nemo wears a standard issue coverall with a armored breast plate. He has specially designed boots, a multi-functional belt, a leg holster, and an embossed arm band. Nemo’s severed left hand and forearm have been replaced with a mechanical appendage of his design.

Nemo comes complete with all a captain needs including a Sparklock Electronic Pistol, a collapsible spyglass, a sword and scabbard, a sextant, and much more.

Includes a displayable polystone Nautilus replica with clear post and name plate base.

Learn more about Captain Nemo, the Nautilus, and crew with the included Data Journal.

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